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Mountain View

modern home merged with mountains by open corner doors

Keller minimal windows® have been installed onto this home surrounded by mountains. The sliding glass doors used on this home, in particular, are open corner doors. Using these doors instead of two sets of sliding doors with a supporting leg in the middle has allowed the glass facade walls to be completely open, creating a greater amount of space and access to the outdoor area.

open corner sliding glass doors

These open corner sliding glass doors have a flush floor finish, making them the perfect access between the home and outdoor area. These sliding glass doors maximise the natural light intake due to the slim 21mm sightlines and large glass facade. Being able to open these doors fully creates a large space where light can pass through into the home. Having this large space also provides great amounts of ventilation, ideal for the hot summer months.

The large expanses of glass, coupled with the slim framing provides beautiful views of the mountains surrounding the home as well as of the outdoor pool and garden area.

These open corner sliding doors provide the perfect indoor-outdoor living experience as the homeowners are able to merge the two for any parties or social events they may be hosting.