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The Most Expensive Places to Live In Cornwall

Latest research shows that Cornwall is fourth place in the list of most expensive seaside spots in Britain. The stunning seaside locations such as Mawgan-in-Pydar, St Ives and Falmouth are among the top towns people would like to live in.

Whether it’s for a permanent residency or for use as a holiday home, there has been a significant increase in luxury new build homes and large extensions and renovation.

More homeowners want to be close to the seaside to be able to enjoy the breath-taking ocean views and beautiful beaches. As well as the white sandy beaches, there are lots of scenic landscapes to see and enjoy the nice weather during the warm seasons.

Stone Haven, one of our award-winning projects, is a perfect example of a luxury new build home in the Cornish cliffside that uses minimally framed glazing solutions from minimal windows® to maximise views of the surrounding landscape.

new build home in Cornwall with ultra slim sliding glass doors
thermally broken slimmest sliding glass doors in the expensive Cornwall house

Architecture Styles in Cornwall

Popular architecture styles for coastal builds can vary, but most have two things in common, a highly glazed design and use of natural materials.

Cornwall has some of the most scenic locations in the UK and when building or extension homes many architects try to minimise the impact of the build on the landscape whilst maximising views form the home.

For example our Stone Haven project uses local Cornish slate cladding and sustainably sourced timber for the exterior of the luxury home. This sustainable home design also included a photovoltaic ray and ground source heat pump, as well as various elements to help reintroduce wildlife to the area.

Other luxury new build home designs in Cornwall that utilise minimal windows high-performance glazing systems are Horizons and Dynargh. These two new build homes differ massively in style, with Dynargh having dark and bold extern finishes and Horizons contrasting this with white and light external building finishes.

Both projects feature minimal windows slim sliding door as part of a lager bespoke glazing package by IQ Glass to make the most of the breath-taking views whilst allowing a vast amount of natural light into the internal living spaces.

open corner configuration sliim sliding glass doors in south west England
floor to ceiling slim sliding glass doors in the new build home in mawgan porth

Maximising Natural Light in Cornwall

Natural light has many benefits for luxury home, from helping to increase the perceived size of the internal living spaces to highlighting high-end interior design elements and artwork. The best way to do this is by incorporating high performance glazing systems into the home design.

Slim framed glazing systems from minimal windows have sightlines as slim as just 21mm. Combining this with the ability to conceal the head and base frames of most systems and the impressively large sizes the systems can reach, creates an extremely minimal glazing design where the glass is maximised, allow natural light to flow into the home unobstructed.

new build cornwall house with large aluminium slim sliding glass doors
long sliding glass doors in the new build house in mawgan porth

Stunning Views with Expanded Spaces

An added bonus of incorporating minimal windows system into costal home designs is that the large glass panes offer panoramic views of the seafront and surrounding landscape. minimal windows ultra-slim framed glazing systems provide uninterrupted views from inside of the houses.

The high glass to frame ratio allows for amazing ocean and landscape views.

The new build house Horizons, located in Cornwall by Pentire Point, is surrounded with minimal windows sliding glass doors and a pivot door. Slim sliding doors connect the internal living space to the sea-facing terrace and balcony spaces, offering stunning views even when closed thanks to the 21mm sightlines.

The frameless glass balustrade was used as they don’t obstruct the sea views or the flow of natural light into the internal living spaces.

The flush threshold of our minimal windows sliding door systems, which is certified for barrier free access, allows for a seamless transition between spaces. When open this also allows the interior and exterior spaces to be merged for an indoor-outdoor style of living with a strong connection to the outdoors.

aluminium glazing
new build home in cornwall with aluminium slim sliding glass doors

Glazing With High Thermal Performance

minimal windows systems come with a low e coating as standard and all of the aluminium framing profiles use a full polyamide thermal break.

This allows the systems to achieve unparalleled thermal performance levels, which is especially important for coastal home designs as cold wind rolling in off the seas can massively impact a homes temperature.

Triple glazed systems from minimal windows can be specified using the deeper 4+ framing profile that allows for the extra glass pane and insulating cavity. When designing a home in an expensive location such as Mawgan Porth, St Ives or Falmouth, every aspect of the build needs close attention to details to ensure it is 

minimal windows’ UK glazing partner IQ Glass has regional offices based all around the UK including in south west England. Our experienced team, based in Taunton, are on hand to ensure you specifying the right glazing for your project.

IQ Glass manufacture completely bespoke glazing packages which can include high performance minimal windows systems to suit your projects requirements.

Contact our experienced team today to talk about glazing for your upcoming projects!