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minimal windows® glass doors maximised the experience of the ocean view.

The brief for this beautiful home was to reflect the prime location. Therefore, minimal windows® slim framed sliding glass doors and a slim framed pivot door were installed to the new build holiday home in Cornwall. Fixed glazing was also used around the property, in a double height installation. The fixed structural glazing was combined with sliding door systems in specific locations, to increase the amount of natural light in the living space and give uninterrupted views.

One of the minimal windows® sliding glass doors was installed on the ground floor, where the sliding door system connected the living and dining spaces to the outdoor terrace area. To maintain clear uninterrupted views of the surrounding beach, glass balustrades were used around the outdoor staircase.

high performance glazing system sliding glass door
minimal 4 pane slim sliding door

The master bedroom was on the top floor with a private balcony and minimal windows® sliding glass doors were paired with gable end fixed glazing to gain more natural light on the top floor. This glazing systems were used to forge a strong connection to the outside environment from the private balcony. Another glass balustrade was featured in this balcony to act as a safety barrier without disturbing the panoramic view.


Another gable end window was used in the master bedroom’s bathroom, with a structural glass rooflight over the bath area. The other bedrooms were located on the lower ground floor level and had direct accesses to the ocean-side garden. Two pane sliding glass door systems were chosen to grant outdoor access.

gable end structural glass wall and rooflight glazing in Cornwall
minimal windows glass pivot door ultra slim sliding glass door

This property had a rear sunken private courtyard which connects the kitchen and living spaces to external dining area. minimal windows® sliding doors in a three pane configuration were paired with a pivot door, creating the access to the sunken private courtyard. These doors systems expanded the space and ensured natural light stretched to every angle of the home.

These glazing systems were installed by the glazing partner and Keller minimal windows® UK supplier IQ Glass and the project was managed by the IQ Glass South West regional office.

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