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The minimal windows NGS Reveal at Sky House

Following the amazing response that the team at minimal windows and IQ Glass had after the Sky House 10 year anniversary event, we would like to personally thank everyone who attended and got hands on with the system installed in the showroom.

With over 150 architects, homeowners, designers, builders and more attending, it was a fantastic opportunity for a first look at the brand new minimal windows NGS sliding doors with the matching pivot door.

NGS Reveal at Sky House 6

Getting hands on with the NGS sliding doors

During the event we had a number of team members on hand to showcase the functionality of the NGS system. Demonstrating the integrated fly screen. Hidden handle detail and flush vertical mullion was the highlight of showing guests how the system works and why they would want to specify it over the classic minimal windows system.

Esteemed Zaha Hadid architect Fabian Hecker (who gave a very insightful presentation on the day) had a chance to feel the NGS system first hand and see how the doors function.

NGS Reveal at Sky House 2

Ultra tall pivot door installation

Another system that we were able to showcase on the day was our 6m tall pivot door with the magnetic base seal technology. The pivot door showcases how far glazing technology has come with over 6m of glazing and framework opening smoothly on two pivot points for a wide opening.

The matching pivot door allowed visitors to see how the minimal windows systems can be combined for a full glazing package.

A successful event

Overall the event was a great success and allowed over 150 people in the construction industry to network and develop connections with minimal windows as well as the people around them.

The Sky House members provided a bespoke racing simulator, cooking demos, home cinema experiences and much more which brought everyone together and created a community feel.

A final thank you to all who attended and left great feedback for the team.

NGS Reveal at Sky House 4