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Security of minimal windows® Systems

Glazing was previously a weak spot for intruders to target, but now with glazing advances such as toughened and laminated glass and new enhanced aluminium framing technology, glazing can help to make your home more secure than ever.

minimal windows glazing system are bonded, meaning the glass is structurally bonded to the frame to ensure no tools can be used to remove the glass from the frame to gain entry.

This article will go through the design factors that make our systems so secure.

two pane minimal windows sliding door with a lever thrust locking
three pane minimal windows sliding glass door with one sliding pane and two fixed one of which is a unique shaped pane

Key Locks for Sliding Doors

minimal windows sliding glass doors can be designed with or without a key lock, depending on location and preferences. The system has a burglar resistance of Class 2/ RC2 without a key lock and Class 2N/ RC2N with a key lock.

With new-build home projects, key locks must be fitted to comply with Building Regulations Part Q. If the project is a refurbishment or extension, building regulations do not require the system to have key locks.

Many people tend to choose a non-key operated locking system when working on existing buildings, as the solution is user-friendly and achieves the most minimal aesthetic.

Insurance can be obtained when using this type of system on the ground floor of a home, thanks to the system having outstanding security performances with or without a keylock.

The durable aluminium framing and toughened glass panes ensure strong protection against intruders. Laminated glass can be included in minimal windows sliding door systems, or the minimal windows Pivot Door, when using the 4+ framing profile.

When there is no key lock, the handle is located on the internal side of the door, meaning they can only be operated from inside. The lever can also be removed if you will be leaving the property for a period of time so that the doors cannot be operated.

floor to ceiling minimal windows sliding glass doors on a contemporary glass extension on a London home

Bonded Sliding Glass Doors

Both bonding and beaded glazing systems create a secure point in the home, however when beading is done externally this can create a vulnerable point.

When glazing systems are beaded externally, the glass is placed in and secured from the outside with a glazing bead. This allows tools to be used to pry the glazing bead off from the outside, making way for the glass to be removed from the frame.

Internally, beaded systems provide an extremely high level of security. If you are buying a beaded glazing system, ensure the bead is on the internal side of the system.

With minimal windows, this is not a concern as our high end glazing solution are bonded. Bonded glazing involves a strong chemical connection formed between a glass unit and a structure, frame or another unit of glass.

It is most often used in frameless or very minimal glass installations. The process of bonding the glass to structures minimises the use of additional bits of frame.

minimal windows high security pivot door with unique magnetic sealing strip
minimal windows new and improved large glass pivot door with high security

The New minimal windows® Pivot Door

The new minimal windows Pivot Door has a magnetic strip in the base that rises up and seals when the door is closed, for added levels of weather protection and security.

The new and improved minimal windows Pivot Door has a self-closing mechanism in the head frame and a high-quality magnetic sealing strip beneath the door. 

When the system is closed, the sealing strip rises up into a gap in the base frame of the door leaf. The strip increases the systems weather performance but also provides an added layer of security.

The minimal windows Pivot Door uses a two point thrust lever locking mechanism with stainless steel bolts. The integrated lock has been tested for security and is designed to ensure that it does not impede onto the glass face of the large pivoting window.

Combined with the other security elements in the system, this door system is unparalleled when it comes to keeping a home safe.

contemporary new build home with corner opening sliding glass doors from minimal windows
contemporary new build home with minimal windows sliding glass patio doors and minimal sliding windows and sliding glass patio doors

In Conclusion

Whichever minimal windows glazing system is being incorporated into your project, whether the system has a laminated pane, or whether it has a key lock does not matter.

Minimal windows glazing systems were designed with luxury in mind, the first thought and throughout the whole design process was to create glazing systems that have unparalleled performance levels, security included.

For more information about the security of our aluminium glazing systems, get in touch with the team today.

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