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Best Sliding Door Drainage for UK Weather

minimal windows have a range of highly engineered drainage options specially designed for the high wet weather environment of the UK.

Our base and drainage system is created using a two part Neoprene drainage block. The top layer of Neoprene is not penetrable, therefore ensuring the weather seal of the base installation.

Many drainage systems do not take into account how much water a doors drainage system may encounter. This can cause the external areas to flood and possibly even for water to leak into the property.

The drainage solution used for our systems can take up to 120 litres of water per minute, to allow for large volumes of rainfall.

If these drains are not designed in the correct way, water can build up during heavy rainfall. This causes flooding and possible damage to the property so it is important to know what type of drainage solution you are getting with your glazing. 

external drainage system used in conjunction with a minimal windows sliding glass door system
minimal windows integrated drainage system with silver slot drain by sliding glass doors

Base Frames Options for Slim Framed Sliding Doors

Flush Threshold Base Frame

In order to maintain a flush threshold and allow the floor to ceiling glass installations to avoid any visible frame, the minimal windows base frame sits below the finished floor level.

For the standard minimal windows sliding glass door, the base frame is 38mm deep, and for the minimal windows 4+, it is 80mm. Our systems are certified for barrier-free accessibility under DIN 18040-1 and DIN 18040-2.

Freeway Base Frame

For minimal windows sliding door systems that use a larger number of panes, the recesses in the track may cause issues for people walking over it. In these cases where a completely smooth transition is desired, our specialised Freeway Base is an excellent option.

This base frame with integrated drainage has been engineered to have no indents or recesses in the base. This can be extremely useful if the track is likely to be walked over with bare feet or frequently used by pushchairs or wheelchairs.

This base option still results in a flush threshold, however, there will be 38mm of the sliding panes base frame visible above the finished floor level. 

flush threshold base frame which is certified doe barrier-free accessibility under DIN 18040-1 and DIN 18040-2
integrated drainage system for patio doors that is well suited to UK weather

Drainage Factors for Slim Framed Sliding Doors

In order to protect the drainage system from becoming clogged by debris, a slot drain can be used over the area to catch any debris. For the aesthetic of the drainage slots, there are four finishes to choose from: Champagne, Titanium, Black, and the standard GT Silver.

Integrated drainage is available for both the Flush Threshold Base and the Freeway Base. The integrated drainage system prevents the area from being damaged or flooded by water.

The Neoprene block that sits below the aluminium base has specially designed grooves to ensure the water runs smoothly off the surface, into the external drainage channel.

For the minimal windows 4+ system we do not provide the external drainage channel, but we do recommend a French drainage solution for this system. We also recommend this if you would like to specify your own system.

Small amounts of water may retain in the tracks and wit rely on evaporation to clear but larger pools of water will drain naturally through the systems drainage channels.

For more information about minimal windows® get in touch with the team today.

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slot drain cover example for minimal windows drainage system
finishing options for patio door drainage system cover