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York Street

Black glass sliding doors in Australia

This Australian house was renovated and expanded in order to upgrade the heritage-style building while keeping some of its original charm and increasing the amount of usable space. The segregated layout that is typical of this type of dwelling turned the formerly dark and poorly ventilated house into a network of interconnected spaces. Every room has a distinct personality and an almost open plan concept that exudes calm and space.

Black glass sliding doors

Black sliding glass doors for patio access.

When the black glass sliding doors are opened, the inside and outdoor spaces can blend seamlessly thanks to their entirely flush threshold. For increased versatility, the three pane structure was designed with all three panes sliding, making it simple to access different pathways of travel. The structure encircles a sculptural stairway beneath a ceiling laced with folding origami-style timbers. The placement of the slim-framed sliding doors, which let light into the stairway and draw attention to the custom design, further enhances the staircase as a focus of interior design.