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Hollycroft Avenue

Black Sliding Glass Doors to London Renovation

Hollycroft is a London renovation project which included a loft conversion, basement excavation and general internal restructuring. The minimal windows helped to renovate the existing double height glass window to the rear of the house.  

Hollycroft is now a modern family home with glazing features that allow an abundance of light into the living spaces. The stacked black sliding doors were the perfect addition to fully complete the renovation.

black sliding doors

Hollycroft features several glazing systems that allow for light to travel through the home from top to bottom. During the development it was of great importance to create an open-plan living space with easy access to the outdoor space.

Being in London, garden space is not only valuable, but very hard to come by. This is why the easy access to the garden via the black sliding doors was seen as a quality-of-life investment to maximise the space.

Maximising views was also of high importance. The 21mm sightlines of the minimal windows black sliding doors allow for the garden views to be as clear as possible without any bulky sliding systems in the way. The frameless internal glass balustrade also ensures views are not disrupted.

The lower floor minimal windows black sliding doors were specified to be 2560mm high by 4681mm wide in a three-track system with all panes able to slide. The doors on the lower floor are used as access doors to the garden therefore no internal balustrade was needed.

The very similar system installed within the first floor are the exact same width as the bottom set and just 163mm wider. This configuration of sliders has an internal frameless glass balustrade which protects anyone using the sliding doors from accidentally falling to the bottom floor. Due to the balustrade integration, the standard handle height from the FFL is 100mm higher than the usual 1100mm. This is to allow anyone using the doors to comfortably use the doors without having the balustrade in the way.

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