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Exmouth Beach

This new build project in Exmouth has beautiful coastal views with easy access to the beach and sea set below the hill the house has been built on. The home is very angular with a basic rectangle shape making up the general structure of the home.

On the 1st floor both fixed and slim sliding glazing has been installed to provide great views of the sea and easy garden access.

Coastal sliding doors Exmouth 547x365
Coastal sliding doors Exmouth 547x365 2

Coastal sliding doors with bi-parting and open corner configurations.

The lower floor of the building features both the kitchen, dining and living areas which all have been placed to ensure that they face the sea views. Using slim sliding doors with 21mm sightlines allows for maximum views while offering a floor to ceiling finish and various opening options. The bi-parting sliders create a vast two-pane opening that gives the family access to their garden and outdoor dining area which overlooks the British coast.

The opening corner allows for a side entrance/exit that is also a pocket door for further seamless effect. The use of a pocket door and opening corner configuration allow for greater ventilation options while allowing for quick and easy outdoor access without having to open the larger bifold.

The internal floor finish is identical to the outdoor floor which is why it was imperative that the sliding doors had minimal thresholds to minimise the break between the two floors.

Coastal sliding doors

Coastal sliding doors details.

The vast minimal windows system has bi-parting doors and open corner doors. Not only does the system have these options, but it has also been finished to ensure that it can withstand the high rain and winds that the coastal location brings. With marine grade glazing the whole system will be resistant to the heavy rainfall and saltwater exposure.

The heavy wind loads will also be no issue for the system due to the previous testing that means the minimal windows sliding doors achieve a class C4/B5 wind load resistance.

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