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Livingstone House

office refurbishment using minimal windows® sliding glass doors

The Livingstone House project in Finsbury Square involved an office refurbishment including minimal windows® sliding glass doors. By using these sliding glass doors, the natural light intake into the offices is improved as well as allowing for extra ventilation into the offices.

These doors, in particular have bi-parting openings, providing the office workers with easy access to the balcony, allowing them to appreciate the incredible views from outside the office. These floor to ceiling sliding glass doors also allow the workers to enjoy the incredible views of London from their desks.

These sliding glass doors have an aluminium minimal frame of 21mm as well as a flush track, creating the impressive floor to ceiling glass facades. These glass facades are ideal in this office as they provide the workers with a panoramic view of London. These Keller minimal windows® sliding glass doors also have an integrated drainage system, helping to reduce the risk of flooding to the balcony in wetter weather.