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Albion Road

kitchen extension featuring slim sliding doors

This London terrace home was transformed with a contemporary extension to the rear of the property which extended out into the homeowners rear garden. The aim of this project was to help bridge the divide between the dark terrace building and the beautifully lit garden through the installation of large areas of glazing.

The kitchen at the rear of the ground floor was extended to create a more open-plan living space to encompass the dining area as well as the existing kitchen. The homeowners wanted to install a large aspect of glazing to this area as the property was suffering from poor lighting which resulted in a dreary living space.

Alongside various skylights, a 3-track minimal windows® sliding door system was installed with one fixed pane and two sliding panes to create a wide opening leading to the garden. As the minimal windows® system can be hidden within the finishes of the building and it features a flush threshold, the transition between the indoor and outdoor environments is somewhat seamless.

The property now possesses a new light and airy living space that provides the homeowners with uninterrupted views of their garden all year round, as well as creating a highly desired indoor-outdoor living space.

Credit: Tony Timmington and Tuc Kodal at Architecture WK