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Meadow View

contemporary extension to old brick home

This project in Totteridge involved remodelling and adding an extension to a 1950’s detached house. The clients wanted contemporary internal spaces, Keller minimal windows were used to provide a large open plan family living space that opens out onto the rear terrace.

thin framed sliding walls of glass

The Keller minimal windows® have been used on both the ground floor and the terrace of this incredible home. On the terrace, 5 large glass panels have been used to create an open space to expand the living room. Below the terrace, two glass panels have been used for both the gym and the TV room at the opposite end of the house. Both of these sliding glass doors are also made from larger glass panels, these with the 21mm sightlines maximise the natural light flow through the house as well as providing the perfect views of the garden.

A minimal pivot window has been installed into the ground floor of this home to allow access to and from the pool area. The thin aluminium frame on the minimal pivot window creates the perfect match to the minimal windows® sliding glass doors.

The new additions to this home are all powder coated black, this colour along with the minimal framing adds the contemporary spaces the clients had asked for.

Photo Credit: F3 Architecture and Interiors