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Project 45

glass extension featuring slim sliding doors

This bungalow benefited from the installation of a large glazed extension which featured walls of sliding glass doors. This new space provides the homeowners with a new open plan living and dining space which offers outstanding views of the surrounding landscape.

contemporary extension

The corner opening doors create a highly desired indoor-outdoor living space during the warmer months as the doors can be slid wide open revealing a seamless transition between the two environments. This sophisticated design provides the homeowners with a contemporary glass home extension where they can relax and enjoy the outdoors within the comfort of their home.

The minimal windows® sliding doors were finished with a white powder coat to create a cohesive design in keeping with the exterior finish of the existing property. Internally the white frames match the interior styling which emphasises the bright space from the light flooding in.

On various faces of the glass box extension the sliding doors were staggered, for example the sliding doors were arranged with one fixed pane next to a sliding pane, which was next to another sliding pane, to create a versatile opening design.