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Wiltshire Garden Room

A contemporary garden room was added to the rear of this listed property

The new modern extension uses a large elevation of minimally framed sliding glass doors to maximise the natural light providing a seamless transition between the interior and exterior, enhanced with the smooth limestone floor tiles that continue between both living spaces. 

The large minimal framed sliding doors enable the new living space to be opened up onto the garden, enjoying the views of the perfectly landscaped grounds. The flush threshold creates a seamless transition between both internal and external living spaces.

Grade II Listed home have stricter building regulations to adhere to and building works often have to maintain the character of the building. Our minimally framed glazing system are well suited to this as there are no chunky bold glazing frames. 

glazed garden room to a listed property

With excellent thermal efficiency, the minimal windows® retain heat, even in the colder winter months. This was a key design element required as the listed property already suffers from heat loss. The high thermal performance in the new contemporary garden room helps retain the heat in the property and creates a warm and bright place to sit.

With flush floor finishes, 21mm framing and frameless surround finish these minimally framed sliding doors create an impressive architectural design and striking external aesthetic to the new modern garden room.

The dark grey RAL finish provides a cohesive design matching the powder coated aluminium frames of the sliding glass doors with the aluminium pressings around the roof.

Keller minimal windows® can be designed and installed with a floor flush finish to make access even easier between the inside and out. The shallow design of the sliding tracks also means these sliding glass doors are perfect to be used on wheelchair accessible openings.

Location: Wiltshire