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Rawlings Street

Double height sash window for luxury London townhouse.

Rawlings street is a luxury townhouse in Southwest London that has undergone an extensive renovation.

With space limited it was of great importance for the architects working on the project to create an open living environment for the family. Anthro Architecture specified a double height sash window paired with a glass roof feature to illuminate the entire living space.   

Rawlings street double height sash window

A vertical sliding sash window was added to the London double height glazed expansion to maximise the opening and allow for simple access to the patio. Sliding or bi-folding doors would have made entry difficult due to the aperture’s 2,234mm end-to-end width, which would have decreased the opening to the outside. A pulley-weight system hidden within one side of the frame counterweights the vertically sliding panes, maximising area with a vertical guillotine window. This creates a smooth and simple manual sliding open sash window.  The main statement piece of the home has been strategically designed to provide ample light into the dining and kitchen area.

Designed to be fully automated, the sash window system is pulley operated and can be opened to any size up until the full opening. The opening design allows for the sash window to be used as a ventilation system to save on energy bills and steer away from using fans and other electric appliances.

The double height sash window has been paired with a structural glass roof to create an up and over glass feature. The glass roof allows for light to enter the upper floors especially the first floor with an internal frameless glass balustrade.

Rawlings street double height sash window interior
Rawlings street double height sash window top view

The double height sash window was designed to be 2005mm high by 1723mm wide with an approx. weight of 141kg. This pane slides upwards to cover over the fixed pane which completes the sash window. The sash window is functional due to two counterweights on either side of the system. This is what activates the moving pane to begin its journey upwards towards the fixed pane. To have a sash window installed you will need around 150mm-200mm for the counterweight system and steel structure.

The fixed glazing which starts the glass roof is 920mm high by 2148mm wide which is paired with the structural glazing which acts as the glass roof. The glass roof has a 6 degree fall to allow for rain to move towards the drainage system.


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