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Forest Cabin

Glass walled forest cabin with slim sliding glass doors

This glass walled forest cabin creates a secluded luxury retreat, offering occupants the beauty of nature everywhere they turn thanks to the minimal windows sliding glass doors 

Half of the cabin’s elevations were created using the minimal windows sliding glass doors, creating full glass facades to all the main living areas. The surrounding structure was clad in bespoke metal, designed and finished to match the timber of the natural forests that surround the cabin.  

The cabin sits alone amongst the trees, using the glass walls to mirror the nature back to the surroundings, minimising its impact on the visual landscape.  

From the inside, the minimal design of the glass walls allows perfect views out to the forest. The timber slatted interior ceiling ties in with that feeling of nature, connecting the occupant to the natural exterior from all angles.  

The rest of the interior is decorated minimally, allowing the forest to provide the texture and design for the space. 

oversized glass façade in a new build house in canada with slim sliding glass doors
ultra-slim sliding glass doors in a contemporary house in canada

A full glass façade like this is only possible with a highly performing glazing system. The minimal windows system is full thermally broken with high performing glass units within each element of the façade. When paired, this offers architects a glass wall system that can be used as a full façade design without compromising energy efficiency or sustainability.  

With floor to ceiling glass, the interior spaces are full of natural light – minimising electricity use. The slight overhang from the metal structure also offers protection from sun glare and overheating, however the surrounding trees provide high levels of protection for shading.  

The very slim 21mm sightlines gives the ability to enjoy the beautiful green tree forest from any part of the glass walled cabin. The large size architectural glazing merges the indoor and outdoor spaces and gives the feeling of living in a one space. 

Head and base framing parts of the floor to ceiling slim sliding glass door are concealed into the building to increase natural light and the key view from inside. The concealed base frame creates flush threshold to travel stepless between the area while keeping the surface in the same level. 


If you are looking to create your own glass-walled cabin or for more information about minimal windows® contact the team today.