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The Brick House - Cuboid Design

New build urban home featuring multiple minimal windows slim sliding door systems

This new build home, known as The Brick House, follows a cuboid shape with flat roofing and sharp corners. The shapes of the windows and doors work in harmony with the shape of the building, both following the same angular design.


Cubist style buildings tend to have one or two colours that dominate the building exterior, in this case, it is the striking red brickwork and grey colours that accentuate it.


Another element of cuboid architecture includes maximising the natural light within the property and glazing is the easiest and most obvious way to do this.


By choosing glazing systems that have the ability to stretch from the floor to the ceiling and selecting systems that have minimal framing with slim sightlines, there is little to prevent light from entering the property. 

single storey extension dining area with corner opening sliding glass doors
corner opening slim sliding doors with a flush threshold and concealed head frame

Multiple minimal windows systems were fitted in this home, with two-pane slim sliding doors being used along the length of the rear of the property and a corner opening sliding door configuration by the dining area.


Concealed base and head frames turn the minimal windows system from a sliding glass door to a whole moving glass wall. This level of glazing allows the glass to be pushed back to unify the interior and exterior living spaces.


The internal grey floor tiles are mimicked on the outdoor patio area so that when the doors are open there is a smooth transition between the spaces, creating large indoor-outdoor areas. 

dining area surrounded by minimal windows glass doors with an interior design featuring natural elements such as wood and metal.
corner opening slim sliding doors with a flush threshold and concealed head frame

The furniture used within the home and in the outdoor area follows the theme of natural materials, offset by grey accents. The brick, metal and wood used across the home gives this building a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic.


Having different and offset dimensions on the floorplan across the lower and upper floors is another display of cuboid architectural style. This style of architecture took influence from the Avant-Guarde Cubism art movement, with different cuboid shapes being combined to create a striking visual.


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two pane minimal windows slim sliding door systems
rear view of the red brick home with grey accents and minimal windows sliding glass doors