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A House in the Garden

sliding glass doors surrounding a home in the grass

A House in the Garden was built into a hillside, half submerged in the landscape beneath a turf roof, overlooking a stream. The minimal windows® sliding glass door system was installed surrounding the front of the property to help maximise the incredible views of the surrounding area and natural light. These minimally framed glass sliding doors were ideal for this project as the home would normally be quite dull due to being submerged by the landscape.

Installing these ultra thin framed sliding glass doors were necessary for this new build project, as they allow incredible amounts of natural light in. The positioning of these minimal windows® sliding glass doors created an indoor-outdoor living experience, allowing the homeowners to maximise and enjoy the use of their external living areas throughout the year.

These minimal sliding glass doors have a flush finish, providing easy access between the indoors and outdoors for the family. This base also has an integrated draining system, perfect for preventing any water damage or flooding on the external living areas.