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Orchard Estate

luxury country home with the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary

This high end traditional property was renovated to incorporate contemporary elements which compliment the existing traditional architecture.

Aspects of an English country style home were kept, such as the glazing bars on the existing windows and doors, the third floor dormer windows and manicured grounds.

Contemporary elements in the form of bright white external wall finishes and the grey roof were brought in, which work in harmony to create a monochromic and minimal aesthetic. This is offset by the floor to ceiling sliding glass doors used in the single storey extension at the rear of the home.

A two pane minimal windows sliding glass door, with one fixed and one sliding pane, was surrounded by structural glazing to create entire glass walls.

rear view of a traditional style luxury house with a modern single storey extension and external pool in the garden
tall minimally framed glass walls with slim sliders and sliding glass panes

Forging a connection between the internal living spaces and the nature outdoors is also the main element in biophilic design. This style of interior design also includes use of natural materials and glazing that maximises natural light whilst providing views of nature.

The outdoor pool which is just a few steps down from the home is surrounded by a beautiful grey natural stone floor that matches the tone of the home’s exterior.

internal views of the glass walls made from floor to ceiling glazing and oversized sliding glass doors
rear view of a contemporary extension on a luxury english country home with minimal windows sliding glass door systems

The furniture used within the home and in the outdoor area follows the theme of natural materials, offset by grey accents. The brick, metal and wood used across the home gives this building a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic.


Having different and offset dimensions on the floorplan across the lower and upper floors is a display of cuboid architectural style. This style of architecture took influence from the cubism art movement, with different cuboid shapes being combined to create a striking visual.


The large glass walls, monochromic building exterior and modern interior design elements has turned this luxury residential property into a contemporary home whilst keeping some of the traditional aspects.


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