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Thatched Roof House

traditional cottage style pool building features minimal windows sliding doors and steel look windows

This luxury home in the countryside has a cottage style thatched roof pool house adjacent to the main family home. 


This project highlights how any of the minimal window systems can blend in seamlessly with a wide range of buildings styles. The pool house has two floors, the bottom being nearly completely taken up by the pool.

minimal windows slim sliding doors run the length of one side of the pool one side of the pool house has double height glazing which includes a large fixed window.

Minimal framing on these systems makes them well suited to contemporary builds, but as evident here, they also work beautifully with more traditional or unique properties, bringing a touch of elegance to any project.

It is common for internal pool areas to be highly glazed as this allows them to receive some of the benefits of outdoors pools, such as natural light and views of nature in the surrounding garden area. 

slim sliding minimal windows door on thatched roof pool house below steel look windows
double height window with large bottom fixed pane and steel look glazing on the upper section

The flush thresholds of the minimal windows systems means in the warmer months, the doors can be slide aside, merging the two spaces to give the interior pool the feel of an external pool, including air flow and direct feeling of natural light.


The aluminium framing on the upper floor glazing has glazing bars to give the system a more traditional steel look, complimenting the beautiful thatched roof that surrounds the windows.


The glass panes on the lower floor are completely clear to ensure there is no obstruction to prevent natural light form entering the space.


The black framing on the glazing systems brings a touch of modernism to this traditional cottage style building.


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