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Villa Cortaillod

sliding glass walls to sub ground house

This contemporary house design utilised large areas of sliding glass to ensure that lots of natural light was able to penetrate the sub-ground level house. Built under the rear garden of a neighbouring property this architecturally designed dwelling is partially submerged below the ground. The resulting house is sensitive to the natural countryside that surrounds it whilst not minimising the views afforded to the existing house. To ensure that the house was filled with light the majority of the exposed elevation was designed to be glass.

bespoke configuration

A long and bespoke configuration of sliding minimal windows® occupies the entire ground floor living area. These floor to ceiling sliding glass units offer spectacular views over the surrounding countryside and maximise the amount of natural light that can enter the space.

By combining shaped, fixed and sliding minimal windows® panes the architect was able to create an entire wall of glass to the ground floor. The continuous run of slim framed glazing even continues down the side of the small internal staircase that connects two distinct areas of the open plan living space.

Internally the use of minimal windows® ensures that no matter where you are within the modern living space you are offered amazing views.

When the weather is nice enough to do so large swathes of the ground floor walls are then able to be slid away, connecting the internal living environment with the rear sprawling garden and landscaping. This is all thanks to the flush threshold detail achieved with the use of minimal windows® sliding doors.