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Moat's Corner House

Oversized sliding glass doors create large moving glass walls in a contemporary Australian house.

A contemporary new build home was designed and built to work in harmony with the surrounding landscape. The brief was to create open plan layouts on the previous homes footprint that is connected with surrounding nature. 

To be able to create the connection between the house and the landscape of countryside, oversized minimally framed glazing systems were specified, as glazing is the most popular way to reflect nature with a massive amount of natural light and stunning views. 

The brief included to providing a sustainable living environment for the homeowners. A large part of this was ensuring that the building envelop was well insulated. 

Energy efficient glazing was chosen to ensure a comfortable temperature in the internal living spaces to live comfortably all year around. Therefore, the minimal windows 4+ triple glazed sliding door system was the perfect choice for the mid-centaury modernist contemporary house.  

All minimal windows solutions come with a low e coating as standard to achieve unparalleled thermal performance levels, especially when using within a triple glazed unit. 

floor to ceiling moving glass walls in a new build house
aluminium slim sliding glass doors in a rebuild house in Australia

The minimal windows sliding glass doors were designed in a bespoke shape and size due to the project requirements. The oversized sliding glass doors were used to create the massive moving glass walls in the contemporary house.  

Due to the large panes, which weighed 500kg each, the doors are motorised for ease of opening at all times. An innovative electrical control mechanism is used to open or close the slim sliding glass doors. 

To maximise the glazing experience, the outer frames of high performance sliding glass doors are concealed within the building finishes, meaning when they are open the indoor and outdoor spaces are completely merged. 

Even when closed the ultra slim 26mm sightlines still offer the internal spaces a strong connection with the outdoors. The hidden framing includes a minimal windows freeway base to provide the flush threshold detail

The ultra-slim sliding glass doors added a massive amount natural light into the internal living spaces and highlighted the modern, minimalistic interior design. The flush threshold doors granted the connection thought to the huge garden and outdoor pool area. 

There motorised sliding glass doors are a high thermal performance glazing solution that enhances the overall design of this energy efficient house. 

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The glazing was designed and installed by Thermeco, the Australian partner and supplier of minimal windows® aluminium glazing systems.