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Nicosia Tower

Floor to ceiling aluminium sliding doors in a luxury multi residential property

The tallest building in the centre of Nicasia, the capital city of Cyprus is high, reaching more than 62 metres tall. The building contains shops and restaurants on the ground and mezzanine floors with offices to rent on the next six floors.

The top eleven floors are designed as luxury apartments with high end architectural glazing solutions including minimal windows aluminium sliding doors.

Because of the geographical location of the city, the surrounded environment has very hot climate during the summer seasons. The 21mm sightlines of the moving glass walls provide incredible ventilated indoor spaces.

The high performance of the architectural glazing system gives the opportunity to have a highly climate-controlled environment throughout the year.

The floor to ceiling slim framed sliding glass doors are seem throughout the development and used in different ways and bespoke dimensions, completely based on the unit requirements.

The high-quality aluminium framing profiles sliding doors that create sustainable design and provide energy saving living and working spaces.

Slim sliding window

The slimmest framing profiles also create stunning city views, especially from the higher floors of the building. Floor to ceiling oversized glass panels provide a silhouette to the historic city on the top floor terrace.

The corner to corner moving glass walls are concealed into the building in both head and base framing parts to increase the benefits of the glazing such as ability to see the city views and having natural light in the living environment. And the concealed base track create flush threshold detailing to travel smoothly between the different spaces.

Modern interior design was adopted throughout the entire building, and the minimal aluminium sliding glass doors complete this interior style with silver powder coated framing profiles.

The white colour is chosen on both external and internal walls to match with the modernist trend. The white walls are also avoided and reflected the direct and strong sunlight and its overheating during the summer seasons.

The sliding system is used as slim sliding windows in different locations of the apartments. Aluminium framing helps to keeps the system lighter to control manually.

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