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The Bevel Extension

An oversized pivot door to basement renovation

This basement flat in Westminster underwent an extension and internal restructure to maximise light and improve connections to the garden. 

The existing flat had low ceilings and few exterior windows which created a dark interior space which felt small and cramped. The new owners wanted to revamp the small flat to create a better living environment. They worked with Yard Architects to redesign the space who commissioned IQ Glass to provide a bespoke minimal Pivot Door to the rear extension.

By integrating an oversized pivot door into the rear elevation, the architects created a single panel of glass that filled the opening. With slim framing around all edges of the pivot door, the result is a glass door that looks like a picture window when closed. When open, the oversized pivot has a flush threshold and opens the entire aperture for excellent exterior connections.

The oversized pivot door was part of the modern extension which was inserted into the side of the traditional London house. The architects were keen on a minimalist approach to materials and used two porcelain tiles to create the ‘bevel’ in which the large pivot door sits.

The entire oversized pivot door swings open, providing direct garden access from inside.

It was imperative for the project that the glass pivot door had a flush threshold. This was a key part of the project’s requirement to provide a better connection to the garden. 

elm-park-road-iq-glass (17)

The oversized pivot door was over 2.2m wide and 2.5m tall, creating a pivoting glass door over 5.5 sqm in size. The glazing within the glazed pivoting door was double glazing with a low e coating and an argon gas filling.

An integrated drainage channel was used externally, which connected directly with the sub frame drainage base that is used with all minima windows installations. The locking option used was the Type 2 trust lever lock which is operated internally offering exceptional security.

A stainless-steel handle was included with the oversized pivot door design to provide a more ergonomic methodology for opening and closing the glass door.

All framing and other associated ironmongery was finished in RAL 7021 (or black grey).

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