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Hermitage Lane

Two identical new build homes stand side by side as part of a residential development in Hampstead, London. Number 27 and 29 Hermitage Lane are identical twins with a vast amount of glazing installed within them including patio doors with flush threshold detail.

The three storey houses make practical family homes with a great deal of living space available both inside and outside of the property. The homes have been constructed with a very traditional red brick style. This pairs with off-white/grey accents and details such as the patio floor to ensure that there is an ample amount of light textures to contrast the maroon red brick.

The lighter details also serve as reflectors of sunlight which will assist in illuminating the home and glazing systems.

ground floor patio doors in Hampstead

Glazing at the luxury London homes.

Minimal windows and the team at IQ Glass installed a great number of glazing systems that transform the houses into homes. Most notably, four sets of 21mm profile slim sliding doors that allow for full inside to outside integration. These patio doors in Hampstead allow for great viewing from the dwelling out to into the garden area.

We also specified four structural glazing windows with a frameless effect paired with our sandblasted finish for full 100% clarity.

A large amount of the glazing is Aluminium framed casement windows and doors. On all elevations aluminium framing is used to ensure that the trend and theme of the windows are present. This creates the feeling that the houses are fully complete and clearly have a reinforced design choice carried out throughout the project.

Patio doors in hampstead at night
Upper ground floor patio doors in Hampstead

The patio doors in Hampstead details.

The lower elevation for both homes feature our bespoke slim sliding glass doors on a 2-track system. The sliding glass door glazing spans 2201mm wide by 2390mm high and has a combined total weight of approximately 450kg. The patio doors in Hampstead slide inwards on each other which means that essentially one sliding door can be opened while the other remains fixed. Due to the lack of space and design choice this is the only configuration available. However, a smaller three track system with smaller glass sizes could have been installed to create a larger opening. This system achieves Uw values of 1.1 w/m2k and has a two-point minimal locking handle. To note, the external finish was completed by others, the minimal windows team can provide an external finish if required.

The second pairing of the patio doors in Hampstead are a smaller configuration of slim sliding doors installed within the upper ground floor of the homes. These systems also slide in on each other and also feature our PAS 24 certified 2-point locks. The glazing size for these systems is 1191mm wide by 2422mm high.

As mentioned previously, a large portion of the dwellings consist of fixed casement windows. These range from 960mm wide by 1865mm high to 630mm wide by 1680mm high. They are all double glazed and have standard aluminium frames.

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