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Elizabeth Mews

The project consists of renovating the ground floor of a courtyard home located on a peaceful cobblestone alley in Primrose Hill’s Belsize Park Conservation Area, as well as converting a garage. From its beginnings as coach accommodation and stabling, Elizabeth Mews is known for its row of blank panelled garage doors. 

The interior is serene and introspective, with subtle texture and tonal elements that contribute to the room’s overall cohesive reading. The minimalist aesthetic is evident throughout. The key component of this is a speciality Danish plaster that combines the ceiling and walls with a surface that resembles fabric and suggests ill-defined textiles. The trowel application’s sweeping and shuffling motions create the soft animation.

A bespoke minimal windows pivot door was installed as part of the interior design and leads to a picturesque garden area with a Cherry Blossom tree to match the pink interior.

Pivot door in London
Pivot door in london 2

Pivot door in London home.

The pivot door in London has been meticulously crafted from floor to ceiling and allows for an unhindered passage between the interior and the courtyard. This room with a ceiling light acts as a lightwell to bring light into the back of the property.

The minimal windows pivot door has been fully weather tested to ensure that the thermal performance is of a high standard. The pivot doors can be up to 3 meters tall with an ultra slim 21mm sightline for maximum views.

The door installed at Elizabeth Mews goes to show how such a minimal system can provide a great deal of light while also allowing for easy operation and maintenance.

Pivot door in london 2
Pivot door in London

Pivot door in London details

The pivot door in London is outward pivoting with the handle paced on the left side of the door. The door is exactly 2023mm wide by 2509mm high which allows for easy access for anyone using the pivot.

The minimal windows pivot doors are available with magnetic sealing technology which provides full weather tightness and additional locking strength to support the two point bolt lock.

Powder coating was employed to finish the pivot door frame in a similar colour to the exterior plaster colour in the courtyard.

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