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Dunloran House

contemporary traditional property renovation project

The clever architectural design merges the traditional property with a new modern extension seamlessly with minimal windows®. Large elevations of thin frame sliding doors are the key focal point of this family home. The new modern home features large elevations of minimally framed sliding glass doors maximising the natural light throughout the property, providing a seamless transition between the interior and exterior. The flush threshold of the minimal windows® creates a seamless transition between both internal and external living spaces, which is enhanced by the hardwood flooring across both living spaces.

The large minimally framed sliding doors enable the new living space to be opened up onto the decked area. The minimalistic design captures the views overlooking the perfectly landscaped Dunloran Park.

Frameless glass balustrades have been integrated within the minimally framed doors on the upper floors, enabling the minimal windows® to be opened up on the upper floor to the property. With an excellent thermal efficiency, the minimal windows® retain heat, even in the colder winter months.

This was a key design element as the old traditional property previously suffered from heat loss. With flush floor finishes, 21mm framing and frameless surround finish these thin framed sliding doors create an impressive architectural design and striking external aesthetic to the property.

The surrounding aluminium frame of the Keller minimal windows® sliding doors was hidden effectively in the rendered building finishes. With the flush floor finishes, this leaves only the slim 21mm junction on show. The thin framing of the doors matches the frameless nature of various installations of minimally framed sliding glass doors throughout the design, especially the integration of the frameless glass balustrades creating a Juliet balcony.

Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent