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The House in the Woods

home renovation with minimal windows®

This woodland home has been completely renovated and extended, bringing natural light into the home with the use of Keller minimal windows® sliding glass doors, giving the brick building a new contemporary look.

minimal windows® sliding doors have been added onto the front of the house which allows more light through to the kitchen and living room. These additions also allow the owners of the house to create indoor-outdoor living spaces from the indoor areas to the spacious gardens that surround the home. They are able to merge their living room and kitchen onto the patio outside, creating a much larger open space. These slim framed sliding doors have also been mirrored at the back of the house allowing all sides of the house to benefit from an increase in natural light ingress.

To the upper floors minimal windows have been used to continue this feeling of light and space through the home. To achieve this mirrored glazing design on the upper floors minimal windows® sliding doors have been engineered into minimal Juliet balconies. As the sliding windows open, frameless glass balustrades have been integrated to create these minimal Juliet balconies. By using slim framed windows, there is no obstruction to the views of the woods surrounding the house.

Several small glass extensions have been built onto the front of the house from the kitchen. These glass extensions have integrated minimal windows® within the structural glass design allowing more space as well as letting more natural light in from various angles.