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Sunset House

pool access through slim framed sliding glass doors

Super slim framed sliding glass doors with a 21mm sightline were installed onto this stunning home. These doors were installed with structural glazing on each corner to help maximise the natural light intake in all areas of the home.

Combining the slim frames with large glazing panels allows the maximum amount of natural light to pass through into the home as well as providing maximum space between the internal and external spaces

These floor to ceiling sliding glass doors are the access route to the external swimming pool area, allowing the homeowners to enjoy their internal and external living spaces at the same time. Even in the winter when these doors are closed to keep the home warm, the illusion of the merged spaces is still possible due to the super slim framing and large glazing panels.

These sliding glass doors were installed with flush floor finish as well an integrated drainage system. The flush finish creates the ideal indoor-outdoor living experience, providing the homeowners with the easiest access to their outdoor living areas. Integrating the drainage system into these doors was particularly useful as it prevents any flooding that may occur if the pool was to overflow.