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The White Villa

increasing natural light into the home with sliding glass doors

These large glass sliding doors have been installed on the first floor of this home to maximise natural light intake into the living spaces throughout the day. This was necessary for this project as there are overhanging roofs above the windows and doors installed which would reduce some of the natural light passing into the home.

The slim sightline of only 21mm is ideal as it provides a contemporary aesthetic to the plain, all-white home as well as reducing any obstruction to views of the garden. The slim framing also increases the natural light into the home.

The minimal windows® glass doors allow the homeowners to enjoy their garden area throughout the year, due to the indoor-outdoor living space that has been created. This merged living space is enhanced with a flush floor finish.

The clients have chosen a light grey frame for their sliding glass doors as this matches with the sliding windows on the second floor of the home. Choosing this colour also helps to maintain and enhance the brightness of the all-white home.