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Shards is an ultra-modern bespoke home that features angular architecture and a mixed use of materials to create the ultimate living experience. From the slim sliding doors to the angled façade, the home is provided with a large level of light and exceptional views of the pool and garden area.

The site’s prior use as a quarry and an illustration of the material used to backfill the quarry served as inspiration for the project’s design. The forms and angles of the bricks and glass fragments that were placed on the site during the backfilling of the former quarry have influenced the design over time.

Using sliding doors in Hayward Heath

Our bespoke sliding doors have been installed across the home for both access and ventilation purposes. There are several configurations of sliders across the lower elevation that offer access to the pool and garden. The set of sliders seen below have been installed in a two track system to ensure that the framework is in line with the structural glass above on the first floor.

To the right and left of these sliders are further sets of minimal windows that allow the owners to ventilate and access other areas of the home including the living room and home gym.

The 21mm sightlines that feature on the minimal windows systems were ideal for keeping the project modern and sleek.

Shards sliding doors pool view
Shards sliding doors gym

1st floor sliding doors and frameless balustrading.

Across the first floor of the house, there are further sliding configurations installed for balcony access and ventilation. The balcony sliders have been paired with frameless balustrading to adhere to building safety standards. The frameless effect ensures that the views from the kitchen and balcony remain undisturbed.

A vast two track sliding system has been installed in the home gym area to improve the airflow in an area that tends to get hot as the gym is used. The glass doors also compliment the angular feature triangle windows that allow light into unlight areas of the gym.

Kitchen sliding doors interior view
Shards frameless balustrades

Sliding doors in Hayward Heath details.

The main sliding system that is adjacent to the pool is 4385mm wide by 2555mm tall. This system has the sliding pane within the two tracks smaller than the fixed pane to evenly match with the structural glass panes set above it.

The gym sliding doors are 2404mm wide by 2143mm high and have slot aeration for ventilation purposes. The slot aeration allows for the door to be opened by a few millimetres to provide a consistent airflow around the gym. These are also minimal windows 4+ sliders which offer a wide range of opening sizes.

The kitchen sliding doors are 3340mm wide by 2755mm high and also feature slot aeration to assist with natural ventilation when cooking. The sliding pane is also smaller than the fixed as the main purpose of this installation was to offer a ventilation option.

For more information on our sliding systems, contact the team today!