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Little Marlow Road

Sliding glass doors in brick extension

A traditional house extension of red brick provides modernity and connections to the outside through the use of Keller minimal windows along the rear elevation. The extension, designed by Lewandowski Architect showcases our sliding glass doors in the brick aperture to create the full rear elevation of glass with minimal sight lines and flush thresholds. 

Although a brick extension might seem a traditional design this light filled extensions is anything but thanks to the high levels of detailing and specification from the architect. The Keller minimal windows sliding doors fit seamlessly into the brick reveal to the rear, opening the rear elevation and merging the boundaries between the kitchen and the patio outside.

The elegant interception of sliding glass doors with brick are most evident at the edges of the reveal. Here the dark grey framing of the sliding glass doors merge into the red brick walls. All interfaces are sharp and detailed thanks to the close collaboration between the architects and the architectural glazier. 

From an internal aspect view white plasterboard covers the internal face of the aluminium frame. With a slim 21mm vertical sightline and flush thresholds the elevation is almost entirely glass. This minimization of visible framing ensures that the inside to outside connection is strong no matter whether the doors are open or closed.

Marlow Home by Lewandowski Architects. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2021

The sliding door to the café was a four-pane minimal windows configuration set on a two-track frame. The four-pane sliding door was a bi-parting opening with a coplanar meeting style (meeting on the same track). This type of bi-parting configuration results in a 95mm central meeting style where the sliding glass doors meet. 

Using polyester powder coating, the sliding doors to the café were finished in RAL 7022 which is also known as Umbra Grey.

Internally, a thrust lever handle locking system was used (type 1 lock) which allows the sliding glass doors to be locked and unlocked internally via a simple handle. The locking handle was set at 1.1m from the FFL for enhanced access.

For more information about using minimal windows® as sliding doors for a café  get in touch with the team today.