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Edis Street

A two storey extension in London with minimal windows

A run-down wine bar in Primrose hill was turned into a 5-bedroom home with a modern living design thanks to the rear two storey extension. The two storey extension was added to the back of the London property and included Keller minimal windows glass sliding doors on both floors, providing a direct garden connection.  

The same design of minimal windows were installed to both floors of the two-storey extension in London, creating a cohesive design across both living areas of the home. The sliding glass doors were integrated with a glass balustrade on the first floor to create a Juliet balcony design.  

Two Storey Extension in London
Two Storey Extension in London

By using minimal windows across both storeys of the two storey extension in London, the architects created two separate floors with the same outward looking view.  

On the upper floor, the sliding doors lead to a staircase which runs down the side of the living wall. Glass balustrades were then integrated to ensure the glass door elevation did not lose its minimal design.  

On the ground floor the same three pane minimal window design was used which opens fully, leading to the patio outside.  

The slim sightlines combined with the flush floor finishes ensure that the minimal windows work with the interior design for a modern aesthetic to the London home.  

A framless glass rooflight was integrated into the home to provide the steep stairwell with a great ammount of natural light. 

Two Storey Extension in London

The ground floor set of slim sliding doors were specified to fill a structural opening of 3485mm wide by 3480 high. This sliding door system has been paired with an external frameless glass balustrade for safety reasons and to ensure the project followed the correct building regulations. This system as a sliding configuration where the right and middle pane slide left and the left pan slides to the right. This allows for a variety of openings. 


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