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Villa Cyprus

Floor to ceiling sliding glass doors create light living spaces in a two-storey luxury villa.

A beautiful, unique new build house was built in Cyprus, the design for the modern minimalistic house utilised high performance architectural glazing solutions like bespoke curved glass which was installed on the second floor of the house to complement the unique shape of the building. 

The ground floor level’s exterior was created with ultra-slim sliding glass doors with a completely flush threshold base detail. Oversized sliding doors create a smooth transition between the living room and garden spaces. The 21mm sightlines of the glass panels’ framing profiles add a massive amount of natural light to the kitchen and living room areas.

The high-quality aluminium framing system is completely thermally broken to provide a comfortable living temperature in any season of a year. The aluminium framing creates light glass doors that are easy to control manually.

External sliding doors connect the stunning minimalistic style internal spaces with the garden when opened. A bespoke drainage channel for the sliding doors systems was designed for the wet seasons to ensure it could take high levels of rainfall with ease. 

light living spaces with flush threshold slim sliding glass doors
open corner ultra-slim large panel sliding glass doors in a new dwelling in Cyprus

An open corner configuration sliding glass door was specified to create a wider space for the homeowners to enjoy nature, allowing that part of the home to be merged with the outdoor for an indoor-outdoor living space.  

minimal windows® sliding glass doors were specified for access to the upper floor balconies. This high security slim sliding glass door system was paired with frameless structural glass balustrades to provide a safety barrier.  

Natural light flows through the glass balustrades inside of the luxury new build house unobstructed. Amazing views of the city can also be seen through the minimally framed glazing solutions. 

minimal windows® solutions can be manufactured in bespoke shapes and sizes to be used in a wide variety of luxury home projects like this stunning project. 

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