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Wimpole Street

London maisonette renovation with a set-back mansard level

This stunning maisonette renovation in Marylebone, London, featured the creation of a set-back mansard top floor with a stunningly modern roof terrace.

This area is home to many five storey buildings, with many being uses for commercial spaces such as medical practices. Some of the properties however are still used as residential homes.

An upper three storey maisonette of one of these five storey, Grade II Listed homes, was purchased and renovated into a family home that has the perfect balance between contemporary and homely.

Many of the homes on this street feature a set-back mansard top floor with a roof terrace but this home didn’t, and so one was added along with a minimal windows slim sliding door.

In order to not disrupt the look of the building from the street, the front wall of the top floor was kept in place so the street view of the home remained the same.

modern London maisonette with a set back mansard top floor
contemporary roof terrace on a London home with a minimal windows luxury sliding glass door

Connecting the roof terrace and top floor internal living space is a four pane slim sliding door from minimal windows.

In London homes having an outdoor space can be rare due to the congested nature of many boroughs and so this clever renovation of the top floor gives the home’s occupants the perfect outdoor space to relax and enjoy the sun.

Our slim sliding door has a flush threshold that is certified for barrier free access, meaning that when the doors are open the internal and external living spaces can be completely merged, with a seamless transition between the two spaces.

This style of indoor-outdoor living has become increasingly sought after in recent years and this clever space on the top of the London home allows the home’s occupant to have a connection to nature and space to enjoy the sun.

roof terrace in a London maisonette with a four pane aluminium minimal windows Sliding Door
four pane slim sliding glass door from minimal windows in a central London maisonette

Contemporary touches can be seen in the uses of glazing and bright or patterned interior design elements, with this being continued in the outdoor space with walk no floorlights and a minimal design.

The glazing on this project was designed and installed as part of a bespoke glazing package by IQ Glass, the sole UK supplier of minimal windows.

As well as the minimal windows sliding glass door, the bespoke glazing package included an eaves windows and two walk-on rooflights, one of which was specified with switchable privacy glass.


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walk on floorlight with switchable privacy glass turned off
walk on floorlight with switchable privacy glass turned on