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Finishing Options for Sliding Doors

With the minimal windows sliding door system being so versatile, it is only correct that we provide a vast variety of finish options to ensure that the system matches your project theme and aesthetic.

At minimal windows we offer three types of finishing options:

  • PPC
  • Anodised
  • Timber

These finish options ensure that you will be able to specify the perfect colour and texture to match your project.  

finishing options for sliding doors
finishing options for sliding doors

PPC (Polyester Powder Coating) – Finishing options for sliding doors

‘PPC’ stands for polyester powder coated, which is a colouring process used within architectural fabrications to achieve bold and bright finishes, including a full range of metallic colours.

With PPC finishes, any RAL colour can be specified for our sliding doors. This offers an almost endless range of colour options to choose from. The most popular colour specified is “Architects Grey” which has a RAL code of 7016.

More out of the box colours have been historically specified such as bright green frames that can be seen here!

Anodised – Finishing options for sliding doors

A popular option for decorating the outside surfaces of aluminium frames is an anodized finish. The procedure creates an oxide coating of aluminium on the aluminium frame’s outside sides. Anodizing aluminium has certain well-known and documented difficulties when used on exterior faces of a building, thus it should be specified sparingly and in cooperation with your architectural glazier. The visual effect is a metallic external frame hue that can provide a very appealing finish.

Electrodes are chemically transferred from an anode (the aluminium) to a cathode via water to create an anodized finish. As a result, there is an accumulation of oxygen on the aluminum’s surface, which reacts and forms a chemical link with the metal to produce an oxide layer.

finishing options for sliding doors (2)
finishing options for sliding doors (2)

Timber – Finishing options for sliding doors

The recently created wood veneer offers an affordable way to give the interior of a sliding system a wood look. The system may be fully customised to meet any style thanks to its eleven timber feel options, especially for projects that aim for a sustainable, passivhaus aesthetic. 

The timber finish for minimal windows can only be applied on the interior interlocks of the system. This is because both the head and base frames will be fully concealed within your building finishes, leaving just the interlocks visible. The timber finish can not be externally applied as it may age and become sun damaged.

If you have any more questions regarding our finishing options, or need a hand selecting the ideal finish for you, contact us today!

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