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Hidden Sliding Door Frames Behind Pillars

Installing sliding doors to hide the frames behind existing pillars.

Sightlines and views are of high priority when specifying ultra slim sliding doors. In some cases, projects will contain structural pillars that can not be replaced or removed. While this would usually cause an issue with sliding doors systems, the team at minimal windows can design a bespoke sliding system that will allow for the frames of the system to sit behind the existing pillars, this creates hidden sliding door frames.

We have completed a handful of projects with this configuration that you can see below!

Coolington Barn 2 hidden sliding door frames
Brook Barn Night hidden sliding door frames

St Johns Wood

St Johns Wood is a residential development that had an extensive renovation, bringing it into the modern era. The rear extension featured in the project has several of structural support pillars due to the balcony above. This has cause an un-movable series of pillars that disrupt the views from behind the slim sliding doors.

To blend in with the white columns’ design, the listed building extension’s slender patio doors were designed with an opening corner layout that featured three tracks. The placement of the stone pillars dictated the size of each sliding panel, and therefore determined where the vertical profiles would lay. 

st johns wood 2 hidden sliding door frames

Coolington Barns

Coolington Barns is a very unique development with a barn conversion completed to house vintage cars. The extensive barn contains several sliding configurations, including a single-track slider which has been positioned to be made “invisible” when open and closed.

This particular slider allows access to the kitchen area and has been paired with a fixed pane installed just millimetres in front of it. This allows the sliding door to be opened, pushed aside behind the fixed pane ensuring that frames align behind the brick pillars supporting the barn roof.

These hidden sliding door frames are the ideal solution for maximising views.

Coolington Barn 2 hidden sliding door frames
Coolington Barn 1 hidden sliding door frames

Brook Barn

After being transformed into a family home, Brook Barn was joined to a remote barn to create a larger residence that included a new garden office made possible by our glass sliding doors. The garden office offers the ideal quantity of natural light and optimum ventilation thanks to the barn conversion with these minimal windows®, especially during the warmer months.

Sliding glass doors were added to connect the newly renovated barn with the family garden while maintaining the internal structure of the barn to match the rest of the house. Combining the two areas gives the homeowners a place to unwind and take in the summer sun while maintaining a working environment.

The office space features fully natural, bespoke wooden pillars that have led the office sliding doors to be aligned with them to ensure the vertical frames aren’t obstructing views.

Hidden sliding door frames can elevate a project to ensure that pillars do not limit design flexibility. Contact the team today to get a quote for your next project.

Brook Barn Night hidden sliding door frames