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Luxury Garden Office Designs with Sliding Doors

Stunning home garden offices by minimal windows®

Many professionals began working from home over the past couple of years and needed an additional space in their homes to work comfortably.  

Luxury garden offices are a great solution to convert outdoor space into extended indoor spaces. These additional spaces allow professionals to work more productively by creating a personalised work environment and boosting mental health. 

Garden offices offer a great way to separate living spaces from workspaces maintaining a work life element allowing its occupants to switch off from work and ‘switch on’ with family life.   

Expansive green garden views provide a calming environment to work, increasing engagement and enhancing productivity. Windows and door systems add to improved ventilation for the indoor space when needed.

What is a Garden Office?

A garden office is a separate contemporary building in the garden.   

Stand-alone garden buildings are typically built fully lined, insulated and wi-fi ready as standard without the requirement of planning permission. 

These high specification structures provide comfortable and secure workspaces in the back side of the garden. The luxury garden offices can be used for different possessions and save so much time of daily commute. 

These luxury garden offices can be designed in unusual sizes and shapes based on the briefs of the owners and available outdoor space. Wider range of facilities such as toilet and kitchen are added often in the last couple of years. Adding these facilities allow to use the office space for various occasions in the future. 

High performance architectural glazing is the most desirable element to use in the luxury garden offices since they frame a vista and provide a light filled and airy space all year round.

Sliding Doors for Garden Offices

Aluminium sliding glass doors can create incredible moving glass walls in the luxury garden offices. The floor to ceiling installations maximise the glazing experience allowing more natural light to fill the space . 

The ultra-slim 21mm sightlines embraces far reaching views of the gardens connecting the building to nature. Concealed slick base tracks provide seamless transitions to the outdoors with flush threshold detailing.  Sliding the doors open creates an immersive experience and flexible space. 

High security slim sliding glass doors also provide sound insulation up to 39dB while working or having a meeting to keep you focus. The slim sliding glass doors have 1.1 W/(m²K) thermal performance to keep the internal spaces in the best temperature level anytime.

Luxury Garden Office Inspiration

KELLER minimal windows® aluminium architectural solutions are used for different office environment all around the UK. 

The stunning extension project in Surrey includes aluminium slim sliding glass doors in the home office as three-rack panes for easy access through the courtyard. The sliding door system is paired with different types of glazing. 

The new build Orchard House in Radlett completed high-end architectural glazing and KELLER minimal windows® sliding system is installed in various locations of the house. One of the locations is the home office with floor to ceiling glass installation transitioning to the outside when needed. 

If you would like to learn more about our aluminium sliding system and discuss for your next luxury garden office project, contact us now!