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Frameless Sliding Glass Rooflights

Combine minimal windows high-quality glazing systems with rooflights to increase ventilation whilst maximising natural light and views.

Many new extension designs include rooflights, whether the roof design is pitched or flat. The minimal design of specially engineered rooflights complements minimal windows glazing systems that follow the same aesthetic.

Frameless structural glass rooflights can be installed onto upstands within a solid roof structure to create an internally frameless rooflight. Using multiple single pane rooflights is an excellent way to enhance the flow of natural light throughout an extension space.

minimal windows UK partners IQ Glass also have a range of automated rooflights that can be sliding, venting, or used for roof access. Pairing these rooflight systems with minimal windows high-quality aluminium glazing systems allows the internal living spaces to be flooded with natural light and well ventilated.

large fixed glass rooflight over a modern home extension in the English countryside with open corner minimal windows slim sliding doors
contemporary kitchen design with minimal windows sliding glass doors and an automated venting rooflight for ventilation and natural light

Natural Light and Ventilation

Natural light and ventilation are two elements that can significantly impact the look and feel of an internal living space. Whether it’s commercial or residential, dark and poorly ventilated spaces can have a negative impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of the building’s occupants, as well as the look of the internal space.

Whether it’s a rear extension with a modern kitchen or a loft extension with a new bedroom, all living spaces can benefit from using a glazing package that combines minimal windows aluminium framed doors and some type of rooflight system.

Auto venting rooflight systems are a popular choice for kitchens as these spaces tend to need extra ventilation for food smells, smoke and high humidity levels.

Thanks to modern advances in glazing technology, both minimal windows glazing systems and rooflights can be manufactured with ultra-slim aluminium frames. For some systems, these frames can be concealed within building finishes for a frameless effect finish.

This minimal design allows a vast amount of natural light to flow into the internal living spaces uninterrupted and the range of opening options means that there is a rooflight suited to every type of project.

6m tall vertical sliding sash window and MARS automated sliding rooflight used to maximise natural light and ventilation
three pane angled minimal windows slim sliding door with fixed strip rooflight

Fixed Rooflighs

One rooflight option often used in conjunction with slim framed sliding glass doors is a strip rooflight, normally used further back in the depth of an extension, or where the extension meets the original building for a clear break in the material.

Here multiple units of structural glass are silicone jointed together to create a long thin ‘strip’ of glass within the roof. minimal windows are then used to create large glass elevations and great views out with the strip roof light allowing light to flow deeper into the room. 

Although current design trends for extensions opt for a solid flat roof with smaller glass roof lights installed within, larger glass roof designs can be used with internal structural supports such as a glass beam or a steel section to support the glass joints for a full glass box design.

automated sliding rooflight system above a luxury rural countryside hotel restaurant
luxury new build home with minimal windows sliding glass patio doors and two automated venting rooflights for kitchen ventilation

Automated Rooflights

Rooflight systems are constantly being developed and improved and IQ Glass are at the forefront of this with their own MARS, ARES and HERA rooflight systems. New and innovative designs have allowed these systems to be integrated with smart home automation systems for ease of use.

The MARS rooflight is an automated sliding rooflight system that can also be designed to have an integrated venting option. This system is an excellent choice to pair with minimal window sliding glass doors in projects such as single storey extensions. The systems work together to maximise natural light and open up the space by allowing air to flow through the space freely when open.

ARES is an auto-venting rooflight system and can also be designed as an access rooflight opening 85 degrees. The slim aluminium frames and large clear glass panes complement the similar design aesthetic seen in all minimal window high-quality aluminium glazing systems.

The HERA sliding box rooflight can also be used for roof access or above a minimal windows system to offer increased ventilation and aid in maximising natural light. Some people prefer this system for the up and over glass design.

Although these systems all have their differences, they all offer unparalleled performance and design and can be used in conjunction with our minimal windows glazing systems to improve a living space.

Optional weather integration can be included with these systems, allowing them to automatically close when rain is detected. The level of complexity and settings for this integration will need to be assessed on a project-by-project basis.

glass extension using double opening minimal windows pivot doors and a structural roof glazing with a steel support structure
glass box extension using a three pane minimal windows sliding glass patio door and structural roof glazing

Glass Box Extension

There are many designs for glass box extensions, some prefer a complete glass structure that offers uninterrupted views of the outdoors and some prefer a brick building structure with an abundance of glazing incorporated.

If you are thinking of having a glass roof directly connecting to an elevation of minimal windows you will require a steel support above the sliding doors to support the weight of the glass.

IQ Glass, the UK’s sole glazier and installer of minimal windows®, will be able to detail and design this as part of the whole glazing package.

For more information about using minimal windows® with rooflights and roof glazing systems, get in touch with the team today.

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