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Modern Loft Extension Sliding Doors

the key to a bright, light filled loft extension

The trend to ‘move up, not out‘ is becoming the norm, providing homes with much needed extra space, and the potential of adding up to 20 per cent to the value of a home. Loft extensions are the one of the most popular home extension techniques now and are the most common among London town houses. This could be due to recent planning changes (in some London Boroughs) that are cutting down on basement extensions.

sliding doors to loft conversion with slim frames leading to small balcony

Specification of Loft Extension Sliding Doors

Keller minimal windows® are often specified in these loft extensions due to their slim framing profiles and flush track details. Due to the large sizes available from Keller minimal windows® sliding glass doors it is possible to turn the entire elevation of a loft extension into minimally framed sliding glass.

The full floor to ceiling elevation of sliding glass creates an instant aesthetic draw within a space and adds the illusion of extra space to a room perfect for loft extensions with limited head space from the eaves.

On smaller loft extensions, the sliding doors have such a slim sightline that they maximise the glass possible in smaller dormer style doorways. Below are just some of the projects that have utilised the power of the slim framed sliding glass door for their loft extension. 

loft extension sliding doors to small balcony
Loft Extension Sliding Doors at Colt House

What is the difference between a Loft Extension and a Rooftop Extension

Both a rooftop extension and a loft extension add more useable space to a property by extending upwards. 

Whereas a rooftop extension adds a new storey to the roof of a building, a loft extension creates a useable space out of the existing loft. Loft extensions are more common on residential buildings than commercial whereas a rooftop extension can be seen on both. 

A loft extension has to be created within the confines of the existing roofline. Very often, a ‘dormer’ will be added to the loft to create more useable space within the loft extension. 

Both rooftop extensions and loft extensions use sliding glass doors to maximise light into the upper floor spaces and make the most of the elevated roofs. You can see more of our rooftop extension projects here. 

Wimpole Street using minimal windows® on a loft extension

Wimpole Street above is a strange mix between a loft conversion and a rooftop extension. The existing top floor and loft of the London terrace building was partially demolished to create a rooftop garden. The street facing wall of the existing upper floor was maintained so that the view from the street was unchanged. 

Our slim sliding doors were used within the loft extension to create the sliding glass doorway from the new living space to the rooftop garden. 

The slim framed sliding glass doors fill the entire window opening, leading out onto a small external balcony here frameless glass balustrades provide the necessary safety barrier without impeding views or reducing natural light into the loft extension.

modern London maisonette with a set back mansard top floor
Wimpole Street using minimal windows® on a loft extension

What is a Dormer Loft Conversion?

A dormer loft conversion refers to when a box structure is added into a loft structure as part of a loft extension. The additional of this box structure into a loft extension changes the roofline and raised the ceiling levels to create more useable space. 

Cranley Gardens below is a good example of a dormer loft conversion. 

Our sliding glass doors sit within the flat elevation of the dormer box, providing access to the small patio and offering views from the new master bedroom. 

Cranley Gardens - Keller minimal windows®

Creating a Gable End of Glazing for Lofts

A dormer box is not the only way to enhance the use of a loft space. 

If you have a gable end shape, this entire shaped elevation can be filled with bespoke glass to create a glazed end to a loft extension. Sliding glass doors like minimal windows can be integrated into a shaped structural glass elevation. You can also specify the minimal windows sliders with cut off or shaped edged to fit perfectly into a gable end. 

Camber Sands below is a great example of how our sliding glass doors were integrated into a gable shape. The sliding doors were fixed within a shaped glass wall for a full elevation of glass in the loft. 

The loft glass doors at Camber Sands

Juliet Balcony Doors for Loft Extensions

If there is limited space for a balcony or roof terrace within a loft extension then a frameless glass balustrade can be integrated into the sliding door frames for a contemporary Juliette balcony design.

The frameless glass balustrade sits within the minimal windows channel and doesn’t make any visual difference to the sliding door opening. 

renovated London house with sliding glass door and Juliet balcony
Sliding glass doors to a bedroom with Juliet Balcony

If you are planning your own loft extension, contact us to find out more about Keller minimal windows. We who will be able to provide you with further technical information and a product information sheet.