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Using Sliding Glass Doors in a Modern Loft Extension

the key to a bright, light filled loft extension

The recent trend to ‘move up, not out‘ is becoming the norm providing homes with the much needed extra space, with the potential of adding up to 20 per cent to the value of your home. Loft extensions are the most popular home extension technique now and the most common among London town houses, because recent planning restrictions (in some London Boroughs) are cutting down on basement extensions.


Keller minimal windows® are often specified in these loft extensions due to their slim framing profiles and flush track details. Due to the large sizes available from Keller minimal windows® sliding glass doors it is possible to turn the entire elevation of a loft extension into minimally framed sliding glass.

The full floor to ceiling elevation of sliding glass creates an instant aesthetic draw within a space and adds the illusion of extra space to a room perfect for loft extensions with limited head space from the eaves.

Cranley Gardens - Keller minimal windows®

Using slim frame and profile sliding glass doors can help create a usable, inviting living area. Keller minimal windows were used on a large house renovation project in London where the loft was converted into a new master bedroom. Slim frame sliding glass doors were used to maintain the contemporary appearance of the renovations, and ensure the master bedroom was filled with natural light.

The Slim framed sliding glass doors fill the entire window opening, leading out onto a small external balcony here frameless glass balustrades provide the necessary safety barrier without impeding views or reducing natural light into the loft extension.

However if there is limited space for a roof terrace then a frameless glass balustrade can be integrated into the sliding door frames for a contemporary Juliette balcony design.

Wimpole Street using minimal windows® on a loft extension

To find out more about Keller minimal windows, contact a member of the team who will be able to provide you with further technical information and a product information sheet.

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