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Create a bright side infill extension with minimal windows®

a popular building addition especially in London

Side infill extensions are a popular building addition, especially in London, where space is a premium. By enclosing the, often little used, passages down the side of traditional terrace homes into the internal space of a home you can dramatically change the internal environment of a home with a relatively small addition.

On these small additions to a home, often installed besides a party wall with no side windows, getting as much light in elsewhere is important.

Slim framed sliding glass doors, such as Keller minimal windows®, are a popular design choice. With minimal framing and large glass sizes available you can allow as much natural light as possible to enter the internal living areas through the rear elevation.

Side infill extensions often have a glazed roof for this same reason, allowing light to enter the interior of the home throughout the day. Where the Keller minimal windows® and glass roof meet a small steel support will be required. Your architectural glazing company such as IQ Glass, will be able to detail and design this steel support to ensure the required support is given whilst making the steel section as minimal as possible.

Keller minimal windows® between enclosed side infill extension and rear guest house

Design Option

As side infill door openings are usually quite narrow and small a two panel system is most popular, but if you have enough wall space you could design the minimal windows® sliding glass doors to slide over the external face of your existing building.

Keller minimal windows® to side infill extension on traditional Victorian terrace

View our Warwick Gardens case study to see a great side infill extension here

To find out more about Keller minimal windows®, contact a member of the team who will be able to provide you with further technical information and a product information sheet.
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