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Slim Sliding Doors with Timber Posts

When specifying minimal windows slim sliding doors, one of the main focuses is on reducing sightlines and installing a sleek system. With 21mm sightlines, the minimal windows sliders are ideal for framing amazing views and completing a minimal aesthetic.

On occasion, some projects may have structural needs that can effect the frameless effect of the siding doors if not planned properly. For example, many projects may feature timber posts or beams that span across the total opening of your sliding system. While this may be an issue for the frameless effect, our expert design team will ensure that your sliding door vertical sightlines are aligned with the structural posts, minimising the chances of the timber beams ruining the aesthetic of the sliding doors.

Why not choose a timber framed sliding door system?

If your project features timber beams then you may be debating on specifying a timber framed sliding system to match the wooden theme. While this is a viable option, and can be done with our brand new timber sliding system, it is often advantageous for an aluminium system to be installed instead.

This is due to a multitude of reasons; the main one being cost effectiveness. True timber sliding doors are often 30-40% more expensive than an aluminium system, and with the ever-rising timber price, the timber beams would have set the project back a substantial amount. Utilizing aluminium, the sliding doors still achieve exceptional Uw values and can be aligned with the structural timber to appear frameless.

Slim sliding doors with timber posts | Project examples

Slim sliding doors with timber posts for commercial project | Hanbury Hall

The National Trust oversees Hanbury Hall, a stately home from the 18th century that blends the old and the new with a sympathetic restoration designed by Howells Architects that combined slim framed sliding glass doors that are “globally aligned” with the natural, untreated oak timber posts from the grounds.

Hanbury Hall is a perfect example of how you can align the minimal windows vertical sightlines with bright, natural timber posts.

Slim Sliding Doors with Timber Posts Hanbury Hall

Slim sliding doors with timber posts for commercial project | Chicheley Hall

This 16th-century listed carriage house at Chicheley Hall has a 23-meter-long by 9.5-meter-deep glass expansion that was developed and constructed by IQ Glass (Exclusive minimal windows UK supplier). This extension’s free-standing design ensures that the delicate barn structure isn’t needed to support the new glass addition. A glass roof provides lateral support for the structure. IQ was fully in charge of the concept design, structural design, site assessment, structural calculations, and construction for this unique heritage project.

Slim Sliding Doors with Timber Posts Chicheley Hall

Slim sliding doors with timber posts for Cambridge Uni | Jesus College

The competition to design the West Court, Auditorium, and Forum of Jesus College was won by Niall McLaughlin. The project was completed in three stages. In Phase I, the Grade II listed Webb Building was renovated and expanded to include a range of brand-new, cutting-edge teaching and learning spaces. In the study and café area, the open corner slim sliding doors are aligned with the circular timber beams that are in place to support the roof.

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Slim Sliding Doors with Timber Posts Jesus College (1)