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Glass Extension On Listed Building

Listed building glass extension with corner opening sliding glass doors

The beautiful house from 16th century needed a renovation to emphasize the historic background of the Grade II Listed manor building. The design by BLA Architects includes a contemporary rear extension. The façades of the new part feature our high end sliding glass door in the listed building glass extension.

The ultra-slim solution was installed with an open corner configuration. The corner opening sliding glass doors create a wider connection between the internal and external areas. All glass panels are able to move on the long elevation with bi-parting configuration allowing the occupants to transition from one are to another within this listed building glass extension.

open corner sliding glass doors
glass link extension in a listed house

High-quality aluminium material used for framing profiles. This material creates higher insulated glazing system. From floor to ceiling sliding glass doors are easily controlled by the family due to the aluminium frames. The profiles with only 21mm sightlines offer, uninterrupted views and provided the Grade II Listed manor house. with plenty of daylight into the glass extension

Open corner sliding doors merge the extension with the outside seating area creating one living space during the warm seasons. The corner opening glass extension provides external space when the doors are open. The base track of the glazing system is concealed into the floor for a flush surfaced finish with smooth transitioning.

structural glass rooflight in a listed house
Grade II Listed glass extension

A glass link installed between the main building and the brand-new part of connects the traditional listed house with the modern. The glass link is made with frameless structural glass by our glazing partner, IQ Glass. A structural glass rooflight was also used to increase the amount of natural light by allowing from different angles all day.

The timber structure was chosen for the internal design of the glass link extension.  Timber posts complement the historical character of the Grade II Listed house and is in perfect harmony with the surrounding lake and area of natural beauty.

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