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Barrowgate Road

Victorian house extension in London with ultra-slim sliding glass door

The owners of this historical London house wanted to create a new comfortable living space in the ground floor level. Therefore, a contemporary rear extension was built in the kitchen area to create a wider space that leads though to the garden. 

Minimalistic and modern interior pieces were chosen to complete the brand-new space. The bespoke glazing package also included a steel framed internal door system that was used to connect the new space with the original building. 

Two fixed structural rooflights were also incorporated into the modern home extension designs, on top the bespoke new kitchen and living areas. These rooflight create stunning sky views all year around in the modern extension. 

floor to ceiling ultra-slim sliding glass door in an extension in London
structural rooflight in an extension with slim sliding glass door on London

minimal windows® ultra-slim sliding glass door system was used to create a smooth the transition between the internal and external spaces. Large panels were installed within glass door in a three-track sliding configuration. 

The high-performance floor to ceiling slim sliding glass door was designed to have the head and base frame concealed within the building finishes to maximise the glass. The recessed base frame creates a flush threshold sliding door with only 21mm sightlines. 

High quality aluminium framing is fully thermally broken to create a very well insulated, warm space even in the colder months.  

Natural light flows through to inside of the extension freely thanks to very slim framing profiles and large, floor to ceiling glass panes. The influx of natural light highlights the amazing modern interior designs. 

structural rooflight in an extension in Victorian London House with sliding glass doors
very light extension with floor to ceiling slim sliding glass door in London

The structural rooflights pair great with minimal window® slim sliding glass door solution to increase the amount of the natural light in the stunning spaces. According to the research, light spaces improve people’s life quality and have a positive impact on sleep cycles. 

When open, the large sliding glass door creates an indoor-outdoor feeling as the two spaces can be completely merged. Very slim sightlines allows natural light and views of the outdoors to be unobstructed even when closed.  

The colour scheme combines cream and off-white colours which are offset by varying grey tones to give the space depth. This minimalistic design with the light interior design helps to create a calm and serene atmosphere, perfect for relaxing.  

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