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Which glazing systems pair well with minimal windows®?

minimal windows® systems can used to transform dark environments into well lit and functional living spaces. These systems can be used in any kind of area such as bedroom, living room or kitchen.

Slim framed or frameless glazing systems introduce plenty of natural light into the internal living spaces. A range of options are possible with different size glazing systems for any project, including roof glazing and frameless structural glass.

Rooflights can be fixed structural glass or automated opening rooflights to access the roof or enhance ventilation. A ventilation system can be useful, especially for the kitchen to avoid the food smell, smoke or humidity.

modern extension with a bespoke glazing package
structural glazing with aluminium door

minimal windows in Glass Walls

Glass walls offer uninterrupted, panoramic views of the outdoors from the stunning houses. When minimal windows® are specified within structural glass walls, a fully glazed design is achieved. The glass panes within glass walls are connected using slim silicone joints and can be specified in triple glazing.

This makes them a good choice to pair with minimal windows 4+ triple glazed sliding glass doors. The 4+ system can achieve larger sizes and is more thermally efficient with lower Uw values. The standard 2-point thrust lever locking system protects luxury houses with an impressive security performance.

minimal windows Highline is a new and innovative facade system that allows our high-performance sliding door system to sit flush with fixed panes for a luxurious, minimal glass wall that enhances the design of any build, residential or commercial. 

minimal windows 4+ triple glazed oversized sliding glass doors by an indoor pool in a luxury home in the countryside
floor to ceiling sliding glass doors and a balcony with a frameless glass balustrade

minimal windows and Automated Rooflight Systems

The MARS specialised and innovative rooflight system adds great ventilation and is good to combine with minimal windows® as it allows the natural light to stretch further into the home. MARS grants access to the roof terrace and can be used to create a modern roof garden.

The rooflight can be fully automated and the motor can accommodate up to 320kg with the standard motor, but depending on the project a larger motor can be used for larger rooflights. A weather bar is fitted to ensure rain runs off the system regardless of the angle.

An excellent example of this is Gravetye Manor, a Grade I Listed hotel that’s been open for over 60 years. A new restaurant was added which utilises floor to ceiling minimal windows Sliding Doors and a MARS automated sliding glass rooflight (see below) to introduce a vast amount of natural light without detracting from the traditional aesthetic. 

The HERA sliding box rooflight system, designed in-house by our partner IQ Glass, is completely weathertight and suitable for any extreme climate.

It has a thermally broken perimeter and can be specified with an integrated weather sensor. It allows access to roof gardens and can be automated, with two motors available depending on the size and space.

The aluminium system is minimal and can be finished in any RAL colour, and the flexible design allows it to be specified alongside a high-performance glazing system from minimal windows as part of a larger bespoke glazing package whilst maintaining a cohesive design. 

Read more about specifying minimal windows and roof glazing in our article here

grade one listed hotel with modern restaurant extension featuring minimal windows sliding door and an automated sliding rooflight
sliding glass walls with large rooflight

minimal windows and Glass Balustrades

There are two ways that minimal windows and frameless glass balustrades can be utilised together, firstly minimal windows are an excellent choice to lead out onto external balconies or roof terraces.

Glass balustrades can also be designed to sit just inside of our sliding door systems, just outside or actually within the eternal framing profile to create a modern Juliet balcony design

Our minimal windows systems offer maximum views, and so when a safety barrier is required like in a Juliet balcony design or around a balcony or roof terrace, using anything other than frameless glass balustrades can obstruct the flow of natural light and views of the outdoors that are provided by our slim framed aluminium systems. 

This pairing has been used within many bespoke glazing packages, resulting in a modern and minimal design that enhances the design of any build, as seen below in our Welbeck Street project.

This block of luxury residential apartments in London used a two-pane sliding door with switchable privacy glass and an integrated internal glass balustrade protecting the open aperture when the door is open. This allows the apartment to have total privacy or completely clear views through the glazing systems. 

modern Juliet balcony design with sliding doors in a luxury residential development

minimal windows and Structural Glazing

Structural glazing is an extremely complex glazing solution due to its extremely flexible nature. From glass roofs, walls, floors, bridges, you name it, if it can be done with glass structural glazing will likely be involved. 

Structural glazing and minimal windows are perhaps the perfect pairings, as both focus on maximising the glass and creating modern and minimal designs that maximise natural light and views of the outdoors. 

We have already covered minimal windows with structural glass balustrades, structural glass walls, but these glazing solutions can be used together to create up and over glazing with opening elements, glass box extensions and much more.

Our glazing partners, IQ Glass, are also able to design bespoke glazing packages that combine our slim framed minimal windows glazing systems with curved structural glass so a unique glazing installation that truly offers uninterrupted, panoramic views of the outdoors. 

sliding glass doors by an indoor pool area in a luxury new build home with curved glass corners
hurricane proof sliding glass doors cost for curved sliding glass doors

minimal windows and Internal Glazing

minimal windows slim framed glazing systems are excellent for introducing natural light into any building, but this flow of light is often blocked by walls and opaque doors. 

Combing our system with internal glazing as part of a larger package ensures the light is able to flow through to reach parts of the building which would often be left bark and dull. 

This is an extremely popular combination for both high-end residential and commercial projects, especially for modern office designs where natural light should be maximised to help boos productivity and reduce stress. 

For more information on specifying minimal windows as part of a larger bespoke glazing package, contact us today.

modern bedroom design with minimal windows slim sliding balcony doors and internal sliding glass doors in a bespoke glazing package for a luxury new build home
steel frame internal glass door sin a modern home extension that also has minimal windows slim sliding doors