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Brussels Loft

Sliding glass wall envelopes penthouse rooftop extension in Brussels

Floor to ceiling sliding glass wall application installed at a penthouse in Brussels provided panoramic views of the beautiful city. The top floor extension of this historical building was modernised using our thermally broken, 4+ triple glazed aluminium glass door. 

Full wall sliding glass doors with slim 26mm sightliness framing profiles increase the glass portion of the sliding glass wall panels. These oversized glass panels allow a high amount of natural light to fill the space all year round highlighting certain luxurious interior design elements. 

The elevated level of light due to the glass sliding doors with aluminium frame also helped to increase the homeowner’s health in the bedroom areas while providing a better sleep cycle. 

The concealed head and base tracks also allow for more daylight to enter the space and support a minimal design. The high quality aluminum profiles make the sliding glass panels easy to control manually with the option of fully automated control for convenience.

oversized aluminium glass door
full wall sliding glass doors

minimal windows, 4+ triple glazed sliding glass wall installation provide better insulation performance throughout the year. The high performance aluminium glass door system prevents internal air from traveling through the glass door, protecting the space and maintaining a comfortable temperature. 

The full façade sliding glass doors are also hurricane resistant, able to withstand high winds and pressures of up to 3510 Pa. The high performance architectural glazing solution is also resistant to heavy rains, making it suitable for use in high-rise buildings anywhere in the world. 

Frameless structural glazing was used as glass balustrades on the terraces to provide safety for the homeowners while preserving panoramic views and allowing natural light to pass through. 

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