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Camberwell New Road

A small glass extension with Minimal Windows

This small glass extension was used to extend and refurbish the Grade II listed house in South London. The terrace home was extended to the rear with a small glass extension to add space and improve connections to the garden. 

The minimal windows sliding door system was used within the small glass extension due to its slim framing. While minimising the frame sizes the designers were able to maximise the glass within the extension design. This was a key requirement for such a small glass structure.

The slim siding door was a two-pane minimal window with one fixed pane and one siding panel. The narrow sliding glass door was instated beneath a steel goal post which formed part of the glass extension design. Externally, back painted glass covered the steel post around the minimal windows for an all-glass design. Internally, aluminium pressings covered the steel structure and were finished to match the colour of the aluminium frames.

A powder coat in RAL 7016 was used to finish the minimal windows frames. This anthracite grey is a dark grey with a blue undertone which creates a slightly warmth and depth to the sliding door frame colour.

Internally, a two-point lock was used for the glass doors using the Type 2 manual lock which is a thrust lever locking option. The lock is only accessible from inside the glass extension which improves security.

The standard flush base system was used with exterior drainage by others.

The resulting structure is a small glass box design which maximises light and offers easy connections to the rear garden. The use of minimal framed glazing allowed the architects to adhere to the strict planning requirements for the Grade II listed terrace house.

The minimal windows sliding doors were provided and installed by IQ Glass as part of the full glass box extension design and installation.

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