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Beirut Terraces

Whole façade architectural glazing in a skyscraper

A highly glazed apartment building in Beirut, Lebanon was built as a part of a grand plan located in the brand-new marina. The 119m tall skyscraper includes offices, shops and high-rise residential penthouses.

The multi-layered highly glazed apartment building was designed in line with five key pillars; light, views, inside and outside living, open planned layout terraces and openness.

After much research, the architects of this unique and timeless project chose the KELLER minimal windows® Highline glazing solution. This innovative glazing system’s mechanism combines frameless structural glazing with slim sliding glass doors in one installation to create a whole façade glass wall.

The double glazed façades allowed high levels of natural light to enter from each angle to every corner. Equally, floor to ceiling glass walls provide a panoramic view of the surrounding city and the Mediterranean Sea.

structural glass wall with sliding doors
double height sliding glass doors in a multi residential building

Our oversized sliding glass doors with structural glass panels reach an impressive 3.31m due to the high ceiling design. High-quality aluminium framing profiles increased the energy efficiency of the thermally broken glass. The complete architectural glazing solution keeps the internal air inside, providing the optimum temperature throughout the year for a comfortable environment.

The base and head framing profiles are concealed within the building to maximise the glazing experience with better light and views. Flush threshold detailing was created by the concealed base tracking. This allowed the residents to travel smoothly across the large layout terraces.

Having outdoor space is a very important part of Lebanese culture. Therefore, providing the indoor-outdoor living experience was key in the design. minimal windows® Highline high end glazing helped to merge all spaces creating an open living style.

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