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Leign Farm

A silver framed glass extension

Leign Farm, an 80-acre farm nestled in a picturesque valley west of Moretonhampstead, underwent a comprehensive transformation by Van Ellen + Sheryn with the implementation of several minimal windows glazing solutions, the centrepiece being the silver framed glass extension. This assignment involved a complete refurbishment and expansion of the historic Dartmoor farmhouse, as well as the conversion of five 16th-century stone barns into additional living spaces. 

The original farmhouse, largely rebuilt in the early 1900s, offered breathtaking panoramic views of the valley but lacked a seamless connection to the garden and the captivating moorland vistas beyond. To address this, the proposed design reconfigured the internal rooms into a more spacious and coherent layout. The two principal rooms were positioned as wings on either side of the central entrance core. A new two-story extension in a Victorian style was constructed to the west, housing the kitchen and dining room. This extension featured magnificent silver patio doors that opened up to the outdoors. A remarkable 16th-century inglenook fire served as a dramatic centerpiece, anchoring the house. 

Glass box extension sliding glass doors
Leign farm modern dining room

On the north elevation, an oak-framed glass porch harmoniously united the two wings of the house, serving as a clear and inviting entrance point. Moving to the east side of the house, the living room showcased a strikingly contemporary design. It boasted a curved wall that extended from the floor to the roof, encasing a structural glass box. This innovative architectural element flooded the room with natural light and provided unobstructed panoramic views of the enchanting Dartmoor valley. The boundary between the original room and the extension was marked by a feature bronzed-brass fireplace, adding an elegant touch. 

Throughout the farmhouse, the silver framed glass extension patio doors played a recurring role, drastically aiding in the reorientation of this building, whilst seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces and allowing residents to embrace the surrounding natural beauty. 

Leign farm structural glass box
Leign farm modern living room

The main system of the sliver framed glass extension is the large 3 pane slim sliding door system by minimal windows. The system installed here consists of three 2057mm glass panes with a silver frame achieving a 22mm sightline. The frame has a matt finish to stop the sunlight from creating extreme reflections. The locking system is a standard Type 1 lock with two locking points for maximum security. IQ Glass installed their own drain system for the doors to ensure a watertight finish.  

Pivot doors are becoming more popular and Leign Farm integrates theirs seamlessly.  The same silver matt framing was used around the 842mm of glass and is accompanied by another type 1 locking system. The approximate weight of this system is 76kg which ensures the door will open with minimal effort. The system was also designed to open outwards so a small amount of the door impedes the interior when opened. 

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