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Casa Chromatica

luxury home designed to act as a mini holiday resort featuring multiple minimal windows systems

This stunning luxury holiday home has a cuboid architecture style and follows a monochrome colour scheme both within the building and externally.

Creating what is almost a mini holiday resort within one large home was not as easy feat. The property is sectioned into one main residential block plus three smaller guest houses, joined by a hallway.

Each part of the home has a balcony on the upper floor, and minimal windows sliding glass doors were used on both the lower and upper floor to maximise natural light within the property and provide views of the stunning garden and two tiered pool.

monochrome living room with large slim sliding glass doors leading out to a luxury garden with a pool
luxury garden area with football goals on a high end holiday property with slim sliders

Unique garden décor in the form of chromatic spheres and stone shaped sculptures work in harmony with the contemporary style of the home and pool area. The two level pool presents plenty of space for sunbathing, such as by the upper level and around the smaller dropped level of the pool by the beautiful stonework.

Internal living spaces on the bottom floor of the home can be merged with the outside areas by opening the large sliding glass doors. Minimal framing and flush thresholds on the minimal window systems allow a smooth transition between the two environments.  

On the upper floors, the doors lead out onto external balcony areas which provide stunning views of the spacious garden and surrounding nature. The large garden space has been fully utilised to feature multiple areas for relaxing and entertaining.

slim sliding glass balcony doors and large sliding glass patio doors on a luxury holiday home
oversized slim sliding glass doors leading to an outdoor seating area

Internally the minimal and modern aesthetic is continued. The monochrome colour scheme is shown in the off-white furniture, black checked carpet and even though the aluminium framing on the slim sliding glass doors has been polyester powder coated silver to complement the interior.

All elements of this home blend together seamlessly to create a contemporary aesthetic and exudes a luxury feel. minimal windows sliding door systems provide clear views of the areas whilst maximising the natural light inside the property.

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